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Working on tomorrow’s world today – that is what Reinhold Bentele finds most fascinating at Bosch Software Innovations. The computer scientist has been working as an advisor and developer for front-end applications in the finance department at Bosch Software Innovations since 2009. Why did this sought-after graduate opt for Bosch Software Innovations? Bentele’s interest was sparked at a careers fair in Ulm. In contrast to the dull presentations being made at most booths, Bosch Software Innovations’ fresh approach caught Bentele’s eye. “I was immediately impressed by what I discovered there about the company,” says Bentele looking back. Everything went very quickly after that. He was offered a position just four days after applying.

In summer 2012 Bentele was able to trade his desk in Immenstaad on the shores of Lake Constance for one in Berlin for half a year, giving him the opportunity to get to know all the company’s departments. “We create solutions that will have a positive impact on life in the future,” says Bentele. His colleagues in Berlin are working on a number of solutions, including highly developed software technology for eMobility. The 34-year-old family man is as enthusiastic about his career as he is about the level of respect among his colleagues. Whether in the sunny south or in the trendy capital: “There is great team spirit and all members of the team are able to show what they can do.”