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Connecting the virtual and physical worlds and giving impetus to the Internet of Things and Services in order to kick-start a second renaissance – this is Stefan Ferber’s dream. No wonder he feels at home at Bosch Software Innovations, where connecting services and things is top priority. As Ferber, who has a doctorate in computer science, says: “Bosch’s Internet of Things strategy, the agility it shows in software development, its international perspective – and the contact this gives me with many people of different cultures – all these factors fuel my enthusiasm day after day.”

And his job is indeed anything but ordinary. Ferber partly acts as an ambassador for the company. “There’s little that’s routine in my life. My office travels with me, so I’m ready to work wherever I am.” He is chiefly concerned with communication, whether by phone, e-mail or Twitter at home, or on the road in Japan, China or the United States. As guardian of the Bosch blog, Ferber regularly posts comments, pictures, and videos, so anyone interested can keep up with his impressions online.

Ferber especially values working for a company that offers him actual and not just virtual freedom: “Each of us can make a real difference; new ideas are encouraged and stand a good chance of being put into practice.”