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“After studying building informatics and working in the fields of rating and billing systems for telecommunications providers, I was looking for a new challenge, so I joined Bosch Software Innovations in 2007.

At first, I dealt with finance/CRM issues. Since 2014, I have been working on IoT/Smart City. Not to overstate things, but I can honestly say that my current projects are the most exciting I have worked on in my career so far. Engineering the software and systems architecture for whole cities is a real technical challenge, and also highly interesting. It is also incredibly motivating to use our ideas and concepts to help cities around the world meet their own individual challenges. The Bosch brand opens doors, and also provides motivation to deliver the best possible quality by working efficiently.

I value my friendly co-workers and the good teamwork at Bosch Software Innovations. Dynamism and flexibility are crucial for the company if we are to keep on the ball in IoT. By quickly integrating new findings into our projects, we are able to stay at the forefront in the networked world. This also makes my everyday work very varied.”